Health Care in Canada – Threatened or Secure

Carol Kushner is best known for having co-authored two best-selling books on health policy (Second Opinion: What’s wrong with Canada’s health care system and how to fix it and Strong Medicine: How to save Canada’s health
care system) both published by HarperCollins. In her work as a private consultant Carol has provided policy advice to health care organizations and governments here in Canada, in the United States and in Australia.

Carol is committed to the development of better home care services in Canada and has served as a consultant to most of Ontario’s CCACs, several chronic care hospitals, and federal and provincial governments and political
parties. Her other research interests include health system reform, health economics, primary care, and consumer involvement in health policy.” (CIHR Team in Community Care and Health Human Resources

Health Care in Canada – Threatened or Secure, by Carol Kushner (pdf, 400kb)