“The safety of our blood system is being jeopardized,” says blood safety and health care advocates

(Ottawa, April 12th, 2016) Advocates for blood safety and health care held a joint media conference earlier today calling on the federal government to revoke the license of Canadian Plasma Resources and implement the recommendations of the Krever Inquiry which called for blood and blood products to be collected from voluntary, non-renumerated donors. “Despite the … Read more

Health Advocacy organizations urge the Federal Government to negotiate with the provinces on health care funding

(Saskatoon, 10 am March 31st, 2014) Health Advocacy organizations urge the Federal Government to negotiate with the provinces on health care funding The Saskatchewan Health Coalition and Canadian Doctors for Medicare are deeply concerned that, with the looming expiration of Canada’s Health Accord on March 31st the federal government is still refusing to sit down with provincial … Read more

Coalition to Wall: Don’t turn your back on Tommy’s Legacy

REGINA, October 21, 2014: Today, on Tommy Douglas’s birthday, concerned groups are joining together to raise awareness about the creeping privatization of health care in Saskatchewan. “Tommy Douglas was born 110 years ago today. His contributions to this province and this country are remembered as some of the great achievements in Canadian history,” said Stan Rice, president of … Read more

Reply to Premier Wall re: Private MRI`s

Dear Premier Wall:

Thank you for your letter of October 29, 2014 with respect to private MRI’s. We appreciate that the government has not yet made a decision on allowing private pay-as-you-go MRI’s in our province. As stated in our letter of October 27, 2014 we believe that the introduction of private MRI’s would be a threat to our public health care system, they simply have not worked in other provinces to shorten waiting lists, and they will poach scarce workers from the public system.

July 1st, 2012 50th Anniversary of Medicare in Saskatchewan

Government of Saskatchewan declares July 2012 “Medicare Month”. The Province of Saskatchewan implemented Universal Medicare for all its citizens on July 1st 1962. Saskatchewan is the birthplace of Canada’s Medicare and Medicare’s 50th anniversary needs to be recognized. The Hon. Dustin Duncan, Saskatchewan Minister of Health has designated July 2012 to be “Medicare Month” in Saskatchewan…

Ottawa needs to fix Medicare

By Stan Rice
The Star Phoenix
January 13, 2012

Prime Minister Stephen Harper stated in a year-end interview that it’s up to the provinces to fix the problems with Medicare.

Yet lack of federal coordination and guardianship means that more and more Canadians lack access to comparable services in primary health care, prescription drugs, home care, rehabilitation and long-term care. Harper’s unilateral action on future federal funding indicates that Ottawa no longer will take any responsibility for ensuring that all Canadians receive universal quality health care.

Canadian Health Coalition’s Campaign for Universal Pharmacare

The recent research report “The Economic Case of Universal Pharmacare” by Marc-André Gagnon, Assistant Professor at the School of Public Policy and Administration at Carleton University, recommends a universal pharmacare program for all Canadians. The report estimates that such a plan could save Canadians as much as $10.7 billion annually. The report concludes that “Canadians … Read more

Don’t Adopt Failed Alberta Health Model, by Ross Hinther

Don’t adopt failed Alta. health model, by Ross Hinther Note: Following is the viewpoint of the writer, vice-president of the Saskatchewan Health Coalition, as published in the Star Phoenix, April 9, 2010. The Saskatchewan Government is copying the Alberta health care delivery model by financing the expansion of private for-profit surgery clinics. The failed model … Read more